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There is an unspoken rule of going to Thrift Stores, which is that you never, EVER go there looking for something specific. Even if it's something that they ALWAYS have there, like plates or T-Shirts or VHS copies of Forrest Gump, if you go there *specifically* for that item, that will be the one day that they don't have anything like that in any thrift store ANYWHERE. It may even lead to a drought for that product, lasting up to a MONTH!

However, for the past *two days in a row*, I have somehow BROKEN THE RULE AND GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT!

Yesterday, I needed broken lamps and a thin metal tray that was approximately 6"x8". Went to Goodwill and that was all i could find!

Today i went to Value Village looking for a very specific size of clock, and not only did i FIND that clock, but I also found another one that was even BETTER than what I came in for, AND i found the entire series of "Trancers" movies on VHS!

So very happy! So here's a picture of one of my lamps that I'm making for Oddmall in Tacoma on may 20-21, titled "Riddle me THIS, Rodin!"
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