Jan. 4th, 2017

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Well I *thought* that Dreamwidth was supposed to import all my old posts from LJ, but aparently things haven't been updated since, what, 2012? Time to poke around here and see what I like and don't like.

No ability to grab images from my Instagram account, that's sad :(

No ability to cross-post to anywhere but LJ, that's sad :(

Good old "Livejournal 2006" look, though... gotta like that!

No Russian servers, gotta like that!

Not making my Privacy & Security Settings go nuts, gotta like that!

Didn't trip off my Adblocker extension, that's a plus!

Okay, let's see about importing that last 4 years of posts!
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Packing up my bags and leaving Livejournal for Dreamwidth. Once all my older posts have been imported, this journal will be deleted. You can read all about why at this link, or just Google "Livejournal Russian Servers" for a good idea of what's going on.

The PROS of Dreamwidth are that it is a US based company, it doesn't make Privacy & Security settings go nuts, it doesn't trip off the Adblocker, there's no ads at all, it's free, and it has all the awesomeness of the old 2006 LiveJournal (which was back before things started getting weird).

The downsides, as far as I can see, are no cross-post functionality, no importing images from Instagram... and that's about it. I can deal with those drawbacks :)
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WOW I am really enjoying Dreamwidth on my phone so far. The "Read" page looks beautiful on this Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and so far the ability to type out a post is just great - all without an app, I might add! Let's see if there's a spellchecker... fortpun.

NOPE! BUT what it *does* have (that the LJ app didn't) is the Predictive/suggested text functionality of a cell phone!

Yup, loving this so far :)
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Looks great over here on the computer, too! I've gone ahead and created a new Dreamwidth-centric Disneyland Community, if you're interested... [community profile] disneylan (should you choose to join), where I will attempt to post links to any and all Disneyland news I find AND hopefully meet some new Disney Fans :)

And again with the gushing about Dreamwidth, THAT MARKUP! So much easier and more intuitive than LJ! I mean, sure it supports "legacy Markup" from the old LJ days as well, but this is just great!
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I've got this idea floating around in my head... not sure if it's a story, or a setting for a video game, but for what it's worth...

It's the 1990's, as envisioned in the 1980's.

The city is plagued by a crime wave that primarily consists of "Punk Rockers" (listening to such "hard rock" as "Bon Jovi", "Van Halen" and "AC/DC") selling some dangerous new drug. These punks have not only taken over our streets, they've taken over our schools.

The city is crawling with Alien Predators who have come to hunt mankind for sport, time-traveling cyborgs who have been sent back to make sure that the world comes to an end in 1997, and one RoboCop who just wants to clean up the streets.

Is that it? Did I hit all the major goalposts of the 1980's vision of The 1990's? Did I miss anything?


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