Feb. 24th, 2017

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I was interviewed by The Seattle Times yesterday regarding the Emerald City Comic Con, and I don't think they're going to use any of it.

They called because I was mentioned in an article from 5 years ago as having said that I had attended every ECCC since the very first one, and they wanted to get some great quotes from a life-long fan old-timer in praise of this great event...

...And instead I went all Grumpy Old Man on them. They were shocked to hear that this was the first year I would not be attending, and to hear all my reasoning behind it. Too crowded, too long, too different from the original concept of the convention, too corporate, not local any more, too expensive, weird guests that have nothing to do with comics...

The interview concluded with the reporter thanking me for my time, telling me she likely couldn't use any of what I said for her article (it's supposed to be a feel-good promotion of a local event, not a bold condemnation of a corporate sell-out), and asked if I knew anyone else who had attended every year like I did that maybe she could talk to?

Nope... I don't :(


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