Mar. 2nd, 2017

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I gave up Facebook for Lent this year. Not that I'm religious or anything; I believe in God as much as I believe in Santa Clause (whom I believe in a great deal more than the average person, trust me), but Lent is kind of fun! It's like a trial version of a New Years Resolution; try it for forty days and if you're not satisfied pay nothing :)

There are certain "cheats" to this, though.

Since my Instagram and Facebook are tied together, I'll still be posting pictures to Facebook; I just won't be replying to any comments there till lent is over.

Since Facebook messenger has completely integrated itself into my phone, I'll still be using that as my primary way of sending and receiving PM's.

And lastly, I'll still post to my Captain Slinky's Weird Lamps Facebook Page for the purposes of promoting upcoming shows and events.
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The next show i will be selling stuff at is a little first-year convention in Issaquah called GALAXAAR. It looks like a very dedicated and determined 80's-themed Toy, Game & Collectible show. The guy running it is super-likeable and charismatic (in a GOOD way, not a smarmy way), and you can read all about his and his passion HERE.

One of the main attractions, for *me*, to vend at this show is to see if this might be the right type of show for us to do a live 1980's Saturday Morning Historical Preservation Society event! It really seems like it would fit in nicely :)


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