Mar. 7th, 2017

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I think I might bring a laptop to Galaxaar and play one of the 1980's Saturday Morning videos on it... maybe. My booth is actually smaller than I thought it was going to be - 8'x8', which is their "medium" size but is actually the most common, with an 8-foot table and an actual BOOTH around it, like a professional thingee! My own little cubicle!

But the more I think about it, the more I think that there will definitely NOT be room for a laptop of cartoons. I need room for my lamps AND for the various loose toys I am bringing (since this *is* primarily a Toys & Video Games show). I have a good mix of 80's video game cartoons, though... Hmmmm...

If I put my lamps in the back, on the shelves (like I usually like to do anyways), put the wire rack shelves on the left and right of my table, a few lamps towards the middle of the table and then the laptop at the very center... yeah.

Yeah, i think i can do this!

And anyone who wants a copy of the video I'm showing, I'll tell them to just bring me a thumb drive and I'll copy it over for them!

The video I'm using is SO VERY GREY MARKET, I don't think it breaks any copyright laws - it's a direct copy of a VHS tape of an actual broadcast from the 80's, after all... you can even find them on YouTube occasionally (and you KNOW how strict THEY are with Copyright)!

This is just going to be a little "Test The Waters" action here, see if there's still interest in a SMRPS out there - I don't even have a landing spot for people any more, no online presence to point them at! I won't go near LJ any more, I have a somewhat defunct Twitter and Tumblr account for the society, but those don't really lend themselves to social interaction as well as I would like.

I'm off Facebook till April 14th when Lent is over, but that was for *personal* Facebooking... could I create and interact with a Facebook Community while maintaining the integrity of my Lent Challenge?

...Or maybe just try and import all the information from the old LJ account over here to Dreamwidth...


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