Mar. 31st, 2017

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On Monday, I made a deal with myself - every one of the Dumpster Computers that's I've been hoarding (5 towers and 11 laptops, along with several boxes of assorted parts) need to be fixable by FRIDAY, or off to the recyclers they go!

An entire week dedicated to checking out what I have and what I can do with it, here's what I've got:

- One semi-functional Windows 10 laptop with the screen secured in place with duct tape.

- One Windows XP tower that that shuts down every time I try to take any action that would allow me to bypass the Administration restrictions... no updates, no formatting the drive, no access to the command prompt... but it technically *works*.

- One PCI video capture card from around 2001, installed in my main computer. No sound yet, and the video I capture from it looks like a 1990s Sega CD "Interactive Movie (so many pixels!)

- 14 dead SATA and IDE hard drives.

- 8 fully functional SATA hard drives, each under 20GB each.

- 28GB of RAM, spread out between just over 50 sticks of memory.

I look at this giant pile of garbage now and wonder what I ever thought I was going to do with it all. Given another MONTH of work, I could probably build myself a nice little batch of computers capable of making a pretty bitchin' Quake LAN, but WHY?

So today I'm taking a fairly huge load of stuff to the PC recycling place today, and the next time somebody is throwing away their old computer because it's broken, you know what I'm gonna say?



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