Apr. 7th, 2017

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There's a lot of people that are very upset about how this Twilight Zone Tower of terror, which had fit perfectly into the "Old Hollywood" aesthetic of Disney California Adventure, is not a multi-colored futuristic eyesore. Agreed, for now... but i think it could be the best storyline revamp for DCA's ongoing storyline.

It all goes back to that one classic quote that I can never track down so I have to try and do it from memory, regarding how Disneyland is laid out like a movie of your life.

"Once you pass under the railroad tracks, you find yourself right there on Main Street USA, a familiar setting that represents our humble beginnings. Like a memory of childhood, everything seems so very simple and quaint here, but... is that a *castle* you can see in the distance? Your eyes must be playing tricks on you... You need to investigate more. As you travel down the road of life, down Main Street USA, that castle gets bigger and bigger; the trappings of your small town upbringing are less intriguing now, you're anxious to explore what's ahead of you! it's not till you're nearly at the end of the road, looking up at that big fairy tale castle, that you realize there are so many other things to explore. Somehow hidden from you till just now, you see all sorts of opportunities - Adventures to have! No details, just inviting images that beckon you to explore. Frontiers to conquer! Giant mountains looming in your future, as well as fantastical rocket ships and other far-flung futuristic stuffs! Which way will you go?"

I've always dug that storytelling angle to Main Street :) Which is why i can see it working there in DCA as well!

Our picture opens here, in the same place that Walt Disney himself experienced California for the first time. As we pass through the hustle and bustle of Buenna Vista Street, we find Walt and Mickey waiting for us at the junction. To our right lies the adventurous and scenic wonders of California. Straight ahead of us we'll find travel and the open road which connects all of America to California through Route 66. And to our left, the beckoning call of HOLLYWOOD. No matter which of these paths you take, you'll end up heading towards, as Walt Disney Did, a grand amusement park that appears at first to just like any other Carnival, but so much more!

But our journey right now is going to take us to the Left; to HOLLYWOOD (or more specifically, what I would like to see there).

As we make our way down the street, we can see changes coming quickly. The quaint charms of Elias & Co Department Store and the stately Carthay Circle of the 1930's give way to Hot Dog stands and neon theaters of the 1950's. The streets and the blue skies seem to go on forever! If you venture down the side streets you just might find out a little bit about how all that Hollywood magic happens, but that's for another time - because you hear a commotion over to your left! There! Just beyond that theater! It's some sort of huge SPACE-BUILDING! Is it another Hollywood movie being made, or something more than that? Just beyond that, you can see Super Heroes of all sorts saving the day and taking pictures in what appears to be a backstreet alley of New York! More Hollywood magic? It must be!"

We'll go ahead and drop Bugs Land (I know... I will miss the Chew-Chew train), re-do the entire land. Two mid-level attractions (Dark Rides, I'm thinking) and re-purpose the Bugs Life Theater into a SHIELD Debriefing Station (still just extended trailers for upcoming movies), mostly this land is for photo ops.


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