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SATURDAY will be a day full of winning.

FROM 8AM TILL 10AM there is a free Pancake-n-Sausage breakfast at mcLendon Hardware down the street, which is fortuitous since Crystal needs to get some more pretty bricks to line that one section of her garden with.

Comic Book Ink in Tacoma opens at 10am. I could totally justify making a trip all the way down there and back, right?

The Comic Stop in Lynnwood doesn't open till 11am on Free Comic Book Day because they are human. So even if Comic Book Ink doesn't give me ALL the comics i want, I can always head to The Comic Stop to fill in the holes right?

Then I head back home for a night of Dungeons & Dragons & FUN.


The only part of my plan that I'm not so sure about is the trip to Tacoma. Comic Book Ink is a kind of attainable mini-dream that I can continue to strive towards, and it's kind of a waste of gas just to get some free comics and posters that could be easily acquired not more than 10 minutes from my house. But Dammit, The Comic Stop has NOTHING SPECIAL GOING ON!!! Just "Come in, get comics, leave". No sales, no creator signings, no people in costume... it almost seems like they're treating it as a nuisance instead of an excellent opportunity to have an event at their store.

So plan #2 would be...

McLendon's for Pancake-N-Sausage-N-Bricks.

Over to The Comic Book Store in KENMORE that always has a "All back issues $1" sale on Free Comic Book Day.

Over to Toys R Us for the "Star Trek Figures 2 for $10" sale (which i will be able to justify because I didn't spend all the gas money on a trip to Tacoma).

Garage Sales till 11am.

Comic Stop at 11am, home by Noon.

Yeah, that sounds about right...
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My Friend was bemoaning the fact that you just can't find Judge Dredd comics at comic bok conventions any more. I knew that this was a crock because i see the old Quality/Fleetway reprints clogging my Quarter Bins at every show! He said sure, maybe in the Quarter Bins... but who has the time and the patience to sort through fifty thousand comics to find maybe a dozen comics that they actually want or need?

That's where *I* come in!

i found approximately 40 Judge Dredd comics in the quarter bins of ECCC that I will now be delivering to him just to prove a point.

Do you suppose a person could make money like this? "The Quarterbineers" could be a service where you hire a guy to scan the quarter bins for you, and you agree to pay 35-cents for each comic with a minimum of $5?
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It only took two trips in my half-ton pick-up truck to transfer my comic book collection from one storage unit to the other. That leaves just one more load of "Other" to take and then we can start saving $50 a month! WOO!

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I really, really, REALLY wish that this were an April Fools Day thing I was trying to pull on everybody, but it's not and it sucks. It's not Earth-Shattering or Catastrophic, it's just a major MAJOR major Bummer for me because it might mean that I can't go to ECCC this year :(

Yesterday afternoon we were having some pretty awesome kite-flying weather so i took Molly outside to fly a kite. While out there, I decided to take the Pallets that are sitting in our front yard and construct a fort out of them, as I had been planning to do for a few weeks now. I stacked and arranged them perfectly, now all I needed was a hammer and nails to secure it in place. But Molly was intent on playing in it NOW. Seeing as how precariously stacked wooden pallets could potentially be hazardous to her health, I pulled Molly away and told her that I would need to knock it down and maybe build it again when Mommy is around to make sure that we're safe.

I knocked down the little fort with ease; it's a good thing Molly hadn't been playing in there! Unfortunately, the Kite had somehow blown in to the wreckage and was wedged between two pallets. DOH! So I turned around to start picking up my pile of wood and retrieve our kite when...

I hit an uneven bit of our yard right next to where the concrete walkway is. My ankle bent one way, my foot went the other way, my knee went an entirely different way, I heard a loud SNAP from somewhere in my ankle area. I flipped up in the air and came crashing down on the concrete with my opposite knee.

I somehow was able to crawl the 15-foot distance from the walkway to our door and prop myself up in my chair while still maintaining a "Ha ha ha! Oopsy! Silly Daddy" attitude as to not freak out my kid. THE PAIN WAS INTENSE, and I think I may have passed out once or twice before Crsytal got home.

The ankle is swollen and I can't put any weight on it. The knee is in A LOT of pain. I didn't go to the hospital last night because I'm really hoping that I'm just a pussy and that it'll heal up on it's own before Friday night. I don't want to be The Guy at The Convention on Crutches! Worst case scenario, The Doctor will tell me to stay off of it for a week making me miss the convention entirely :(

ALL YEAR LONG I look forward to this convention! it's my ONE GREAT BIG "THING" that keeps me going! Every other thing that I kind of pass-up or can't afford or just can't justify getting... Video Games, new comics, new games, movies, DVD's... lots of little stuff I'd really like to have throughout the year. But i put them all aside just so I can justify spending $100 each year at the Emerald City Comic Con. It's my "Release".

The thought that I might not be able to go, or that I'll have to go on Crutches or in a wheel chair or something has me extremely depressed. You can't get in there and DIG for the good deals if you're in a cast and carrying crutches! And I love you all very much, but there isn't a single one among you that I would trust to go in there and find the deals for me.

So tonight I'm going to go to my Doctor and see what he says. Hopefully they've developed some sort of Wonder Pill that fixes this stuff immediately, right?
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If you know me, you know that I dislike "Dream" posts. The "I had such a weird dream last night" posts that usually include stuff like your old boyfriend and your grandma at your elementary school and all sorts of other stuff that I don't know and/or don't care about. If you make posts like that, rest assured that I am only scanning it to see if I'm mentioned by name and then I move on.

So as a general rule, I don't post about my own dreams as I am sure that YOU care as much about the wood shop in MY high school being decorated like my uncle's house just as much as I care about YOURS.

But this one... this one is special. And I'll keep all the boring details out of it, okay?

In this dream, [ profile] khristle and I were staying at DISNEYLAND.

A knock on our door in the middle of the night. I answered it (nude) and discovered it was BRUCE CAMPBELL.

And he wanted me to organize his COMIC BOOK COLLECTION for him.

I woke up with a huge Cut for those with sensitive constitutions and high morals )


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