Jan. 17th, 2006 02:19 am
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[ profile] khristle just won some movie tickets on Blingo


This means that [ profile] dotgirl won, too! I'm interested to see how that plays out... do they just send [ profile] dotgirl an e-mail notification, or what?

Anyway, KEEP SEARCHING! Now we actually know someone who has won FIRST HAND!
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Cripes, I forgot it was New Years Eve already! I'll be working till 2am in the morning so there won't be any celebration or anything, but New Years Eve always makes me remember how lucky I am.

New Years used to be just another reminder of how sad and lonely my life was, a great time to feed my low self esteem. People dancing, hugging, drinking and kissing REALLY makes you feel pathetic while you're polishing off that family-size bucket of Extra Crispy KFC, watching "New Years Rockin' Eve", wiping the tears from your eyes with grease-stained fingers wondering why it has to be like this.

I haven't had a New Years like that in over 6 years now. Every year I know that I'm special, that I'm loved, that I have a special someone that looks forward to being with me every day as much as I look forward to being with her. There IS a reason to go on another year! And it makes all those other wasted years worht having been around just so I could make it here!

I love you, Schmoopie :) Here's looking forward to another great year together! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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