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I had absolutely no control over this, I swear. The first Yahoo Image that wasn't stereotype picture of a "Nerd" costume, clip art or a personal picture of somebody who thinks of them self as a "Nerd" was this picture of Poindexter, Lewis and Booger from the 1980's film REVENGE OF THE NERDS.

And then in a bit of Cosmic Justice, the first qualifying image from the Google Image Search today was of Ogre from the 1980's film REVENGE OF THE NERDS.

THE SCENARIO: Already been done. In the first Revenge of The Nerds movie, Ogre (and the rest of the Alpha-Betas) were the losers. But then in Revenge of The Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise, Ogre switched sides and became an honorary NERD. So who really won here? In the best-left-forgotten "Revenge Of The Nerds III: The Next Generation", Ogre is nowhere to be seen but LEWIS has turned his back on his Nerdy past and is ashamed of what he has been. One can only assume that Ogre changed his life for the better after his Nerd Conversion, becoming one of those super-beefy Nerds who goes over-the-top for Ren Faire and Comic Con every year and comes in a costume that blows everybody away.



Apr. 21st, 2009 10:08 am
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Have been asked what I want for my Birthday (May 8th, mark your calendar NOW).


It'll be opening day for the new Star Trek movie, so I'd really like to go see that in a theater... maybe in costume :) So I guess I'd really like a Star Trek Phaser and/or Communicator?

I'd like a subscription to Comic Base or a similar comic book collection tracking service software, but that's $50 for the Express version so i dunno...
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Spent all day today with Molly cuddled in my arms under a blankie in our great big chair, watching various Nerdy things. I tried to tempt her with kid stuff like Blues Clues and Dora The Explorer, but all she wanted was Spider-Man, Iron-Man, X-Men and Hulk cartoons (thank goodness for Comcast Cable OnDemand!)

And then when we noticed that Star Wars was on SPIKE tonight? Well that was just the topper to a perfect day :)
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Thanks to the marvels of The Modern Computerized World, by this time tomorrow I will be watching the first new Red Dwarf since 1999. Part 1 of 3 to be exact.

When i watch it, regardless of where my physical body may be, I will be in a tiny one-bedroom house on 14th St. I'll be sitting in the one comfortable chair fully expecting [ profile] thecookielady to come by at any second and knock me out of it and on to a pile of clothes. I will drink warm Diet Pepsi from a striped glass. I will hear Paul Troxclair cackle like a hyena. I'll need to be back to McDonalds in just 6 hours for my next shift.

And afterward, Todd will break out The Farming Game :)
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Day Two was full of way too much awesome! Starting with:

After that, here's the short list of Highlights:

  • Having Wil Wheaton sign a book for me only to discover that i was short on cash, havng to come back and plunk the money down on his table while angrilly saying "There's your BLOOD MONEY, Wheaton... I hope ya CHOKE on it!"

  • My "Escalator moment" with [ profile] nelbailey and [ profile] tigernatch, them going up and me going down and then being swallowed in the crowd as i paraquoted Joel Robinson as he paraquoted The Wizard "I can't stop it I don't know how it works GOODBYE FOLKS GOODBYE!!!"

  • Being the only person in line to respond to Angus Oblong when he came in all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and said "There's my people... GOOD MORNING, PEOPLE!" Dead silence from the crowd till I waved back "GOOD MORNING, ANGUS OBLONG! WE LOVE YOU TOO!" or something to that cheesy effect.

  • Hunting high and low for a Red Pen so that Angus could complete a piece of artwork.

  • Finding, losing, and then finding again the Mythical Retailer Who Was Selling All Action Figures For $5. He was an awesome dude, giving away toys to kids and having a great time just being a retailer. I *had* to spend money at his table! Such actions must be rewarded!

  • Getting to hang out with [ profile] teegin, even though it was never as a group.

  • Showing [ profile] baeleth that not all prices are set in stone, and showing him that pretty much ANY ITEM that's priced at $40 can be had for $20 to $25 by the end of the convention.

  • The sad realization that most Suicide Girls suffer from "Cheerleader Syndrome" (see episodes of "How I Met your Mother" for details)

  • My last purchase of the day: Sifting through a box of comics, I turned to the retailer and said "I'm way too tired for this right now and the Con is about to end... will you take a dollar for the whole box?" Retailer said they couldn't POSSIBLY let it go for less than $5. I said all I have is $4. He said he'd be willing to come down on his asking price. I offered $3. SOLD! Long box of random comics for $3!

  • Giving my very last Convention Dollar to Jennie Breeden of just because I felt that I needed to pay her *something* for all the awesome comic strips :)

It was especially awesome to see that the three guests I was most excited to see - Wil Wheaton, Angus Oblong and Jennie Bredeen - were either COMPLETELY SOLD OUT (Wil and Jennie) or VERY, VERY SATISFIED with their amount of sales (I heard that Angus had one of his best profits here this year). THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!

Great convention, now to try and shake off my ConSARS.

Like XMAS!

Apr. 4th, 2009 05:21 am
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Couldn't fall asleep last night, even with the aid of NPR. Went to bed at 8:30pm, last time I remember looking at the clock it was 11:30pm. Fell asleep some time after that, woke up at 3:30am and tried to convince myself that sleeping till at least 5 was a really good idea.

Got up at 4. Compromise!

SO! Today i will be wearing my Tattered Jean Jacket with the awesome Jack Kirby "Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and Hulk" artwork on the back. This jacket has been to every convention with me since 1989. Thankfully, this year I'm small enough to fit in it once again (something I haven't been able to do since 1990) instead of just wearing it open and hoping nobody notices that it's too small!

I'll still be wearing it open to show off the cool Red-N-Black "Negative Image" Superman Action Comics shirt I'm wearing, but that's beside the point.

Find me if you can! I'll have ECCC Bingo Cards ready for anyone who wants 'em!


Apr. 2nd, 2009 01:15 pm
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Since I'm laid up and can't move much on the Damnankle, I went ahead and watched the first 7 episodes of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

It took till Episode 3 before I eventually started to warm to it.

Episode 6 was the first one that left me feeling like this is an awesome show.

Episode 7 is just kind of... I think it went back to Episode 3 range for me. If they can just get a few more Episode Sixes in there, I'll be happy :)


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