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All week long I've kinda been being pressured in to going to a "Prune Tree Social" up in Anacortes. Traditionally through the 70's and 80's, these were events where every adult in my family would get piss-your-pants DRUNK and air their grievances with one another. Kind of like Festivus, only with more drunken regret.

I have never been to one in my lifetime because I've never been old enough. Since I have so many "issues" regarding drinking, I've never ever desired to go to one.

But this may be the last time that The Old Guard Drunks of my Family can ever get together for this type of stuff. Gone are the halcyon days when my Dad could wrestle my uncle Earl to the ground and then cry about whatever they were fighting over. it's an excellent opportunity to see these Legends of The Family together in one place again for possibly the last time.

it's like the Rolling Stones Reunion Concerts! you never know if this round of 'em might be the last time!

I hate drinking. I hate drunks. No one of "My Age" in the family will be there since I was The Baby of that particular generation.

Or I could just stay home and help make our Garden. And MAN I do so love just staying around home and getting stuff done!

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Thanks to the marvels of The Modern Computerized World, by this time tomorrow I will be watching the first new Red Dwarf since 1999. Part 1 of 3 to be exact.

When i watch it, regardless of where my physical body may be, I will be in a tiny one-bedroom house on 14th St. I'll be sitting in the one comfortable chair fully expecting [ profile] thecookielady to come by at any second and knock me out of it and on to a pile of clothes. I will drink warm Diet Pepsi from a striped glass. I will hear Paul Troxclair cackle like a hyena. I'll need to be back to McDonalds in just 6 hours for my next shift.

And afterward, Todd will break out The Farming Game :)


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