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Thanks to the marvels of The Modern Computerized World, by this time tomorrow I will be watching the first new Red Dwarf since 1999. Part 1 of 3 to be exact.

When i watch it, regardless of where my physical body may be, I will be in a tiny one-bedroom house on 14th St. I'll be sitting in the one comfortable chair fully expecting [ profile] thecookielady to come by at any second and knock me out of it and on to a pile of clothes. I will drink warm Diet Pepsi from a striped glass. I will hear Paul Troxclair cackle like a hyena. I'll need to be back to McDonalds in just 6 hours for my next shift.

And afterward, Todd will break out The Farming Game :)


Apr. 2nd, 2009 01:15 pm
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Since I'm laid up and can't move much on the Damnankle, I went ahead and watched the first 7 episodes of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

It took till Episode 3 before I eventually started to warm to it.

Episode 6 was the first one that left me feeling like this is an awesome show.

Episode 7 is just kind of... I think it went back to Episode 3 range for me. If they can just get a few more Episode Sixes in there, I'll be happy :)
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I have no idea why, but it suddenly seemed VERY important to me that I match as many cities to the decade that I associate them with as possible. Like, if I could travel back in time and spend a passed decade somewhere, *this* is the city I would like to spend that decade in. Maybe it's a sign from Our Alien Overloards that I'll be starting some Time Travel experiments soon! Anywho, the list:
  • 1990's - Seattle, WA
  • 1980's - Los Angeles, CA
  • 1970's - New York, NY
  • 1960's - San Francisco, CA
  • 1950's - Millwaukee, WI
  • 1940's - Cleveland, OH
  • 1930's - Topeka, KS
  • 1920's - Chicago, IL

And that's as far back as my Decade/City Association goes. For some reason, this list just feels not only *right*, but IMPORTANT. And of course I have no idea why.
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Sci-Fi article that says Joss IS looking in to making more Serenity!!!

As long as the DVD sells like it has been selling, the possibility of "Serenity II" is much more than just a possibility! So this week I plan on buying a copy or two of Serenity. And if you already have one, then I suggest you buy a back-up copy.

So many "Fans" want to just roll over and die on this matter. So many are willing to just sit back and say "Oh, it was cancelled, the movie didn't break any records, the franchise is dead." And to you people who say such things, I say SHAME ON YOU!

If our Founding Geekfathers before us had just lay down and taken it like you are, there would have been no future for Star Trek! No continuations/second seasons of "Alien Nation", "Beauty & The Beast", or "Farscape"!

For SHAME! Go hang your heads in SHAME, Nay-Sayers!


Jan. 6th, 2006 11:49 pm
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Sorry, everyone, sorry... I know I've been slacking in my duties! I know youw ant to know what movies in the Free Movies section of Comcast On Demand you should be watching! Sorry! Here's the list:

Cut for those not blessed with the power of Digital Cable )

And they're all FREE as long as you have Comcast Digital Cable! Woot!
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Aparently we have expanded the Something Weird section on Comcast Cable OnDemand. There's a new boatload of really weird old Sci-Fi and Horror flicks from 30's - 70's. Right now I'm watching City Of Lost Men from 1936. It's your standard Mad Scientist movie crossed with maybe a bit of Doc Savage? Very cool stuff :)


Dec. 28th, 2005 10:10 pm
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The promo commercials on G4TV (The Cable Television Network for Gamers) for Star Trek: The Next Generation look VERY kick-ass! They did an incredible job! Makes me almost willing to forget the pain of the movies and "Enterprise".

But I must remember, Gene is Dead. There's no love in that Franchise any more. I'm a BROWNCOAT now, DAMMIT!

Maybe I can have alleigences to both?


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