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I have no idea why, but it suddenly seemed VERY important to me that I match as many cities to the decade that I associate them with as possible. Like, if I could travel back in time and spend a passed decade somewhere, *this* is the city I would like to spend that decade in. Maybe it's a sign from Our Alien Overloards that I'll be starting some Time Travel experiments soon! Anywho, the list:
  • 1990's - Seattle, WA
  • 1980's - Los Angeles, CA
  • 1970's - New York, NY
  • 1960's - San Francisco, CA
  • 1950's - Millwaukee, WI
  • 1940's - Cleveland, OH
  • 1930's - Topeka, KS
  • 1920's - Chicago, IL

And that's as far back as my Decade/City Association goes. For some reason, this list just feels not only *right*, but IMPORTANT. And of course I have no idea why.
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The giant BBQ ribs dinner we have planned will have to wait till Monday night (the most racialy innappropriate meal I can think of for MLKJr Day), because my Sunday will require the following items:
  • BIG SAMMICH (big loaf of bread, ham, turkey, baloney, bacon, cheeses, onions, lettuce, tomato)
  • CORN CHIPS (Doritos or Fritos type)

All of this plus playing magic and watching Superman will make me happy :)
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I want to watch all my Superman movies this weekend, in order.

Superman is on channel 557 right now.

This movie NEVER fails to make me all choked up and emotional, but in a good way :)


Jan. 13th, 2006 10:16 pm
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Things customers say that fill me with glee (though I'll never let them know it):
  • "The only light on the modem is the orange 'Standby' one"
  • "Oh! Well that sounds like a problem with my *computer*, not the internet! I'll take it in and have somebody look at it for me"
  • "I'm a engineer, and I KNOW that unplugging my modem and router won't have any effect at all but I'll do it to humor you anyway"
  • "I'm not that bright... maybe I'll just have my husband call back when he gets home"
  • (youngish female voice) "I'm sorry, I'm sorry... we're drunk. Bear with us here... it's our freshman year! Can you beleive all three of us have NO DATES tonight? And let me tell you, WE. ARE. HOT! SO how about you *giggle*... you sound *HOT*! Whatcha doin' tonight?"
  • "WOW! I - thank you! I didn't think it was gonna... WOW!"
  • "Unplug the modem? Yeah, hang on..." *fumblefumbleCRASHfumbleCRASH* "DAMMIT! Hang on..."
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Wow! It's hard to describe the incredibly warm-n-fuzz feeling I am getting from The Complete 1979 Sears Wishbook scans on Flickr! I'm reading it the way I always did when I was growing up, starting at the back cover and working my way back till I start hitting the non-toys. This is the EXACT Sears Wishbook that was my FIRST Sears Wishbook back in the day! I was only 6 at the time, but I remember it vividly.

SO WARM AND FUZZY!!! I wonder if there will be a similar type of Wishbook for Molly when she turns six?


Jan. 4th, 2006 02:13 pm
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Received for Xmas from P&C: The Disney Treasures. This is a huge book that goes way beyond being a book and becomes more of an EXPERIENCE than anything else. It's a history lesson on everything Walt was involved in, which would have made for a great book in and of itself... BUT THERE'S MORE! It's like a book-version of perrenial funnyman Carrot-Top, this book comes with PROPS! "Walt went to Kansas City to try and sell the new Mickey Mouse cartoon to theaters, and he wrote a letter to his wife while staying in the hotel there. HERE'S AN EXACT COPY OF THAT LETTER IN AN ENVELOPE SO YOU CAN FEEL WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO GET THE GREAT NEWS ABOUT THEATER OWNERS LOVING STEAMBOAT WILLIE!!!"

Nearly every page has exact, perfect, life-size replicas of everything from persnl letters to promotional items to cafeteria menus. IT'S INSANE!

This book is definately knocking something off my list of Top 5 Christmas Gifts I Ever Received In All Of Forever, but which one???
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Cripes, I forgot it was New Years Eve already! I'll be working till 2am in the morning so there won't be any celebration or anything, but New Years Eve always makes me remember how lucky I am.

New Years used to be just another reminder of how sad and lonely my life was, a great time to feed my low self esteem. People dancing, hugging, drinking and kissing REALLY makes you feel pathetic while you're polishing off that family-size bucket of Extra Crispy KFC, watching "New Years Rockin' Eve", wiping the tears from your eyes with grease-stained fingers wondering why it has to be like this.

I haven't had a New Years like that in over 6 years now. Every year I know that I'm special, that I'm loved, that I have a special someone that looks forward to being with me every day as much as I look forward to being with her. There IS a reason to go on another year! And it makes all those other wasted years worht having been around just so I could make it here!

I love you, Schmoopie :) Here's looking forward to another great year together! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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