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I have no idea why, but it suddenly seemed VERY important to me that I match as many cities to the decade that I associate them with as possible. Like, if I could travel back in time and spend a passed decade somewhere, *this* is the city I would like to spend that decade in. Maybe it's a sign from Our Alien Overloards that I'll be starting some Time Travel experiments soon! Anywho, the list:
  • 1990's - Seattle, WA
  • 1980's - Los Angeles, CA
  • 1970's - New York, NY
  • 1960's - San Francisco, CA
  • 1950's - Millwaukee, WI
  • 1940's - Cleveland, OH
  • 1930's - Topeka, KS
  • 1920's - Chicago, IL

And that's as far back as my Decade/City Association goes. For some reason, this list just feels not only *right*, but IMPORTANT. And of course I have no idea why.
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Every once in a while I get one of those Million-Dollar Ideas like "Velcro" or "Harry Potter" floating around in my head and I fine tune that mutha till I have either a golden nugget or a nugget of dog crap.

My newest nugget? A series of Children's Books that teaches kids all about the differences between us (The Humans) and all the other species on this planet and maybe even in to the fronteirs of space and time themselves!

It's an ethnically diverse cast of 3 different 'Tweens' (10 to 12). Two boys, one girl. There's Dusty the white kid (and of course the leader/instigator because even though it's racially diverse it's lso overtly racist like all other childrens entertainment), Rita the Hispanic girl, And Jamar the Black/Muslim/"Other" ethnic.

Each story starts out with the kids being told by the teacher what they're going to be learning about tomorrow in class. "And rememer, class... tomorrow we start learning all about DINOSAURS! I hope you're ready!" Dusty gets all excited about it and shares with his best friends (the subservient Rita and Jamar) his big idea for what to do after school. And his big plan is the line of the book that all the kids are waiting for, the line that kicks of the REAL adventure of the story, the line that uses the title of the series in it:

"Let's go hump... THE DINOSAURS!"

See, Rita's uncle Carlos (for the Hispanics in these stories it's never the father - ALWAYS the uncle) is a wacky inventor who makes all sorts of Time Machines, Shrinking Rays and other plot devices that the kids reak in and use. And since Dusty *is* your average hormonaly charged 12-year-old, his desire to hump The Dinosaurs FAR outweighs the desire to respect the law and/or Uncle Carlos' privacy.

So they use Deus Ex Machina and, through a series of educational and entertaining shenannigans, discover that Human Beings just can't Hump The Dinosaurs.

Other books in the series would include:
Let's Go Hump A Day At The Zoo!
Let's Go Hump The Civil War!
Let's Go Hump The Industrial Revolution!
Let's Go Hump Fruits & Vegetables!
Let's Go Hump Africa!
Let's Go Hump An Introduction To Mathematics & Algebra!
Let's Go Hump Electricity!

These would of course be "Chapter Books", probably about as thick as your average Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys novel. So who's with me? Who's gona pony up some bread so we can pulish these books and start raking in that mad/phat Rowling-esque money?
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I think it's important to go over which cartoon cities you would and would not care to live in and explain WHY you would or wouldn't want to live there every once in a while. because you never know when you might be forced to relocate suddenly.

BEDROCK - I don't think I'd like to live there despite the aparently thriving night-life, financial district, department stores and picturesque suburban dwellings. It all looks jus so bland. Very cookie-cutter carbon copy, ya know? he same scenery everywhere you go. I'd have to pass.

SMURF VILLAGE - Sure, if you like living on a commune and being stripped of your individuality! They've got all the earmarks of a cult, right down to the protein-deprived diet (nothing ut Smurfberries and Smurfberry by-products) designed to keep your mind and body weak/ready for brainwashing! No monetary system, no stores, no nuthin'! I'll pass.

RIVERDALE> - Archie and the gang make this town look very interesting! Snow every Christmas, blazing hot sun every summer, plenticul small-town shopping experiences side-by-side with idylic homes and a strictly controlled flow of minorities? Yeah, I'd buy a place in Riverdale!

CYBERTRON - Cool robots everywhere, and no plants to trigger my allergies? Dude, I'm so there!

TOON TOWN - I imagine it would be cool to live next door to Bugs Bunny AND Mickey Mouse, but I'm sure that the turf wars between the lower-class Warner and Disney properties could get quite messy. Sure the big names get along just fine, but what happens when the Animaniacs start all their shenannigans around Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers? I'll tell you what happens! BLOOD HAPPENS! I'll have to pass.

SPRINGFIELD - If you're not Homer, Lisa, Bart, Maggie or Marge, then Springfield is just a depressing, dangerous place to live. Innept police, crooked politicians, ignored elderly and over-priced stores... who would want to live there?

METROPOLIS - This above all others is where I would like to live. I'm willing to put up with the giant robotic flying shark attacks once a week in exchange for gettign a glimpse of ANY of the Super Friends! I guess the BIG draw of Metropolis is the fact that they have The Hall Of Justice, so I wouldn't have to travel all over the place to see all my favorite Super Heroes. Why travel to Gotham, Atlantis, Coast City, Star City and the likes when eventually all the heroes will come to my town to answer the Troubalert!


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