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Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation... thanks to the application of a regular Ace Bandage, by foot is feeling 89% better and I am fully confident that I'll be able to do The Convention without crutches or the silly prescription medically fitted "Western Walker" boot. I'm hobbling around the house just fine. Not at 100% or anything - still hurts enough to keep me looking for a chair every 20 feet or so - but definitely feeling well enough to wonder if my doctor is getting some sort of kick-back from the only place in the State that sells those Western Walker Medical Boots.
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I feel so whiney about this because, well, I *am* really whiney over this! If my leg had been ripped-off in an industrial accident or something, I'd be okay with it. I'd have a very "Well thank goodness I'm still alive" attitude and then I would just learn to adapt and live with my new condition. Heck, I might even get a super-cool Robo-Leg! And I'd have learned the lesson to keep my legs out of industrial leg-rippers. I can find The Silver Lining in pretty much any crappy situation.

But this sprained ankle is just a HUGE inconvenience. The only lesson to learn here is what? Don't go walking around in your front yard? And really at ANY OTHER TIME OF THE YEAR I'd be okay with this. But THIS weekend... right NOW... this is the weekend that I do a TON of walking and running and climbing (I know, I do a lot more at these conventions than the average shopper)! This is MY WEEKEND! Nothing will be gained from this inconvenience!

Like, it's kinda inconvenient to have them take $100 out of each pay check to put in to a separate savings account. But there's a pay-off at the end of the year! You've saved all that money and now you get to have it!

There's no pay-off to me missing this convention. Or, alternately, going to the convention and being in pain or going to the convention in a wheel chair and not getting to do the convention the way I like to do the convention.

There's GOT to be a silver lining here. There HAS to be a "Brighter Side". I'm just not looking hard enough. My glass is usually so half-full... now it seems to be pretty darned empty.


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