Jan. 17th, 2006 02:19 am
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[ profile] khristle just won some movie tickets on Blingo


This means that [ profile] dotgirl won, too! I'm interested to see how that plays out... do they just send [ profile] dotgirl an e-mail notification, or what?

Anyway, KEEP SEARCHING! Now we actually know someone who has won FIRST HAND!
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Not less than 4 hours after I made my post about my intollerance for people who don't properly respect Chuck Norris, what do I find? Not just one but TWO different syndicated blogs have stolen my ideas (and linked to the same site that [ profile] khristle posted in the replies no less!)

And so to you, and to you, TVGeekSpeak... should I consider myself "Served"?
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I'm sure most of you have signed up for Blingo by now, but if not please click above so we can win stuff, otay?

(Nutshell: Use their search engine, win prizes, and they actually do GIVE YOU THE PRIZES 'cuz we know people who have won multiple times. Do a flicker search for "Blingo" and you'll see. And if a person who signed up through your link wins something? You win something too! So if you click on my link and you win, then I win the same thing as you did. Could be $10 of Itunes, could be movie tickets, could be an Ipod. Totaly Random stuff just for using their search, and it's powered by Google! NO SPAM!)

Anywho, now that THAT is out of the way, I have a question for the technically savy; Why is it tha when I Blingo or Google the name "captain_slinky" I get plenty of journals that I've *replied* to, but nothing from my own LJ? Do I need to do something special to get my posts listed in the search results? What's up wit dat?


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