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Walk around all day long saying stuff like "Hey who has two thumbs and a litterbox full of poop that he needs you to scoop out? THIS GUY" (pointing thumbs at himself).
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I think it would have to be when my Sister was arrested for drunkenly shooting her boyfriend in the back while he slept because he had spilled tobacco on her favorite bed spread. That wacky family of mine, like a friggin' SITCOM :)
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First of all, yeah, I found her, it's awesome :)


It is my experience that 98% of those who talk about a "Soul Mate" are folks who are trying to legitimize their own polygamy and/or trying to talk their significant other in to a threesome. Like "Aww baby you KNOW you're my Soul Mate, so why don't we share our love with that Starbucks barrista who's always flirting with me by giving me extra nutmeg?"

Now don't get me wrong... those of you who are in polyamorous relationships, that's cool. I can dig it. To each his (and her) own, I always say! But to *me*, once you've found that one special real honest-to-gosh "The saints wept, the angels cried and God himself had to smile that the two halves had found each other to complete the whole" SOUL MATE... then all your needs are met. You don't need to assemble a Franken-Soulmate from the parts of several different lovers.
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Well that's just SILLEE! It would be a CROWBAR, because you said that it's a crowbar! Right there! At the beginning of the question!

How is that supposed to help me with my Writers Block? Am... am I supposed to smash all my stuff with a crowbar?


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