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Woke up and decided that I want to WRITE. But there's Bagbalm on the bedding (don't ask). Needed to wash all the bedding.

There's a load of towels in the washing machine, need to move those to the dryer.

Dryer is full of socks, need to move the socks in to a basket.

All the baskets are full, need to fold clothes so i can have a basket so i can move the socks so i can move the towels so i can wash the bedding.


Need to repair a Laptop for a person who has already paid me for this service.

Lucky they have all the disks as there are "Mystery Problems" and her ex-boyfriend se thimself up as the administrator.

Reinstalling Windows.

She has every disk she ever got relating to a computer including system restore disk, Comcast Install Wizard, Teryon Cable Modem Drivers, Belkin Wireless Router, every stinkin' demo disk that came with the Dell in all of forever... everything except for the Drivers Disk.

And it happens to be a Drivers Disk that Dell no longer supports.

Put Everest on the computer to find out part numbers and ID, located drivers, downloading and burning to CD so i can get the NIC and everything else that isn't The Keyboard working again.


Garbage Disposal is clogged, I can't feel anything in there by shoving my hand in. Need to take the whole thing apart. Once I have the assembly disassembled, Molly comes to tell me that she broke the TV. With her actions more than her words, she informs me that she will be standing on my head till the TV is "Fixed".

I drop everything to go fix the TV.

She's somehow accessed the menu without the remote and has turned on a closed captioning box for Portuguese as well as activated the SAP so that the audio is coming in Spanish. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT THIS TV DID THAT!!!

Fixed TV, back to the garbage disposal when I realize that I need to boil a few billion eggs for Easter Coloring tonight. Get off the floor, fill biggest pot with water and eggs, put on stove to boil.

Back to the disposal.

I am getting AWESOME at fixing garbage disposals! This time it was a penny wedged in the under-grinder part keeping it from rotating. Re-assembled, made sure it's all working with no leaks, mopped up the floor.

Sat down at my computer. Drivers I'm downloading are gonna take another 30 minutes. Check e-mail. [ profile] khristle has sent me an e-mail wanting to know that status of the computer that I'm working on. I tell her that there have been... complications. Molly insists that we play The Ducks Game, which I'm all about because she totally sucks at The Ducks Game and I *always* win. We play ducks, she gets bored... I finally get to update my LJ :)

The Pitch

Apr. 8th, 2009 10:17 am
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Rough draft of what I will be submitting to publishers. Thoughts/comments appreciated, thanks!
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Apr. 8th, 2009 09:42 am
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It's been 51 minutes since I decided that I'm gonna try to write an article about being a thrifty geek and try to shop it around to the various industry magazines.

During my writing process I've cooked breakfast for Molly, made her a toga out of her Cabbage Patch Kids sheet, checked my e-mail 27 times and cooked myself a chicken sandwich with fries.

I've got two pages of false starts that just don't feel right.

I am a terrible, horrible FAILURE of a writer.

Because, y'know... it usually takes less than an hour to knock out a properly worded final draft of anything.


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