Feb. 15th, 2017

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The weight of the world is off my shoulders! I have a working computer (thank you very much), I have no commitment to do Emerald City Comic Con this year (best decision I've made all year), I've started watching Sword Art Online (such a wonderful Anime)... I think I want to start playing an MMO!

Each of these things contributed to my desire for a MMO. I have the ability, I have the time, I have the motivation of a great Anime about an MMO... time to do some on-line gaming!

Unfortunately, I have no idea which one I should do :(

I want one that isn't all about battle and fighting and killing. I want it in a Fantasy setting (as opposed to Sci-Fi or Modern). But most of all, I want it to be breathtakingly *beautiful* and *simple*.

I played a game a few years ago, pretty religiously, called "Battlefield Heroes". The premise was a cartoony, GI Joe-like combat between distinctly "Good" and "Bad" guys. But the thing was that the scenery, usually based on WWII European countrysides, was so gorgeous I would often leave the "battle" just to go roaming around to see the sights. Simple point-and-click, 10-slot inventory, basic skill tree, lots of customization... it was so good!

I poked around steam a bit today, looking for free-to-play MMO's and was appalled at how dark and gritty everything is. I even checked out the old Everquest game and it looks terrible!

So... any suggestions?


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