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Today's happy thought is simple - Eating a bucket of chicken wings with Crystal at the Lynnwood Hooters. We'd order then "Hot & Naked" (referring to the level of spiciness and the lack of breading), which would ALWAYS elicit a response of "*Giggle* Just Like How I Like Mt Men" from the server, as if they had been trained that THIS is how you MUST respond to that particular order; "If I catch you NOT giggling and saying that's just how you like your men, YOU'RE FIRED!"

Breakfast - Sausage & Egg
Lunch - Bag of Pork Rinds
Dinner - Steak & Blue Cheese Power Greens Salad
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Today's happy memory is some long forgotten Saturday morning in the late 70's, the night after some big party my parents had thrown (or had eventually just "happened") out on The Farm. I woke up to go watch my cartoons alone, as I always did, stepped in to the living room and found the most awesome thing...

See, Saturday Morning Ritual at this time of my life was to get up, turn on the TV, get my First Breakfast (usually a big bowl of cereal), go get my Legos and my Star Wars figures and my GI Joes, get everything arranged around the coffee table and wait for the TV to finish warming up. Then it was cartoons accompanied by building Lego vehicles for the Joes and the Star Wars Guystill either (a) Stupid Sports Shows interrupted my cartoons or (b) My Mom called groggily from the bedroom "BRIAAAAAN! Could you bring Mommy a nice, big jar full of Ice Water?" which was my Mom's one Hangover cure - an old Mayonaise jar full of ice, with a little water poured over it. So basically I had a good 4 to 6 hours every Saturday morning all to myself to build worlds for my action figures!

So on THIS particular Saturday morning, I came out to the most incredible WORLD for my action figures to live in! There was some guy asleep on the couch, occasionally farting, which I think is important here because his methane had combined over-night with the cigar and cigarette smoke from the previous evening to preserve it *just perfectly* to be lit by the dawn's early light and create a dense, chest-high, 3-inch-thick layer of cloud cover! It was so beautiful... a slight green tint in the cloud cover made the quiet living room feel like an alien landscape, and I was a giant or a God of some sort looking down upon the land and deciding where to place my plastic Adam & Eve that would soon populate the entire floor.

Of course it couldn't last. I carefully ducked down as not to disturb the layer of clouds and crawled over to turn on the TV and got my toys, which woke up the sleeping stranger who I *think* mumbled something about having to be at work in 8 minutes. He got up, stumbled around getting his stuff together and left - completely unaware that he had destroyed the clouds over my world and all my plans for flying Lego spaceships through that atmosphere.

But at least I have that memory of how the living room was once a majestic, unspoiled Alien World :)

Food this weekend went wonderfully. Lots of Sauer Kraut, lots of chicken, a few "Old Fashioned" Hot Dogs. Only thing that came *close* to being a "Cheat" was a bottle of zero-calorie, zero-carb Rockstar Energy Drink because I'm also trying to avoid artificial sweeteners for as long as I can. I figure the more "Legal" things I avoid now - Nuts, Cheese, Artificial Sweeteners - the more things I can "Cheat" with later on. Like when I get sick of chicken and beef and pork and just want SOMETHING different, I can have a slice of cheese and revel in how wonderfully different it is without worrying about it being off my diet... at leastthat's my theory right now!


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