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Two ideas i want to write down, for working on later.

1: Rednecks, Douchebags & Zombies - College kids visit a creepy Redneck-hillbilly carnival in the middle of nowhere when a Zombie Plague breaks out. Zombies discover that all the brain-eating and shuffling and groaning is just mob-mentality peer pressure learned from years of watching Zombie Flicks. Rednecks are just regular, poorly educated people with no evil intentions at all. And the TRUE villains of the movie, the College Kids, keep trying to find ways to kill the Zombies and Rednecks because that's what they've learned from years of watching horror films.

2: Alternate Earth-3 - An alternate version of the DC Universe where the villains are heroes and the heroes are villains. NOT THE OLD-FASHIONED EARTH-3 VERSION where they had "Ultraman", "Owl Man" and the likes who formed the Crime Syndicate, but a Universe where all the characters are the same people who just made different choices. Lex Luthor is a brilliant scientist/billionaire/celebrity who is dedicated to protecting the planet and making a profit while doing it. The Joker, once a small-time criminal, was left for dead after falling in to chemicals during a heist and went a bit crazy, now fights crime to try and dissuade others from being killed in a life of crime. Meanwhile, the HEROES are all gone over the edge - Superman sees that the only way to save the Earth is to enslave it. Batman uses his wealth and intimidation tactics to bully regular citizens in to compliance with his vision of a perfect world. This isn't a story about oposites, it's not a story about bad guys going good and vice-versa; it's a story about perspective and narrative.
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Ideas I need to come back to:
  • M&M's Game
  • Zombies: RPG


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