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Apr. 4th, 2009 05:21 am
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Couldn't fall asleep last night, even with the aid of NPR. Went to bed at 8:30pm, last time I remember looking at the clock it was 11:30pm. Fell asleep some time after that, woke up at 3:30am and tried to convince myself that sleeping till at least 5 was a really good idea.

Got up at 4. Compromise!

SO! Today i will be wearing my Tattered Jean Jacket with the awesome Jack Kirby "Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and Hulk" artwork on the back. This jacket has been to every convention with me since 1989. Thankfully, this year I'm small enough to fit in it once again (something I haven't been able to do since 1990) instead of just wearing it open and hoping nobody notices that it's too small!

I'll still be wearing it open to show off the cool Red-N-Black "Negative Image" Superman Action Comics shirt I'm wearing, but that's beside the point.

Find me if you can! I'll have ECCC Bingo Cards ready for anyone who wants 'em!
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Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation... thanks to the application of a regular Ace Bandage, by foot is feeling 89% better and I am fully confident that I'll be able to do The Convention without crutches or the silly prescription medically fitted "Western Walker" boot. I'm hobbling around the house just fine. Not at 100% or anything - still hurts enough to keep me looking for a chair every 20 feet or so - but definitely feeling well enough to wonder if my doctor is getting some sort of kick-back from the only place in the State that sells those Western Walker Medical Boots.
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My prescription is ready for me at the Rite Aid that I actually requested :)

Seems that since this "Boot" I need has to be medically fitted and i can't get an appointment for that till next week, I'll get to go to the ECCC with as little as an ace bandage and a cane :)

I've been given a mission to acquire an item that will most likely sell out on Saturday Morning to be delivered on Sunday Afternoon, so I now have REAL motivation to go to the convention :)

Bartender? I'd like another round of half-full glasses, please!
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I feel so whiney about this because, well, I *am* really whiney over this! If my leg had been ripped-off in an industrial accident or something, I'd be okay with it. I'd have a very "Well thank goodness I'm still alive" attitude and then I would just learn to adapt and live with my new condition. Heck, I might even get a super-cool Robo-Leg! And I'd have learned the lesson to keep my legs out of industrial leg-rippers. I can find The Silver Lining in pretty much any crappy situation.

But this sprained ankle is just a HUGE inconvenience. The only lesson to learn here is what? Don't go walking around in your front yard? And really at ANY OTHER TIME OF THE YEAR I'd be okay with this. But THIS weekend... right NOW... this is the weekend that I do a TON of walking and running and climbing (I know, I do a lot more at these conventions than the average shopper)! This is MY WEEKEND! Nothing will be gained from this inconvenience!

Like, it's kinda inconvenient to have them take $100 out of each pay check to put in to a separate savings account. But there's a pay-off at the end of the year! You've saved all that money and now you get to have it!

There's no pay-off to me missing this convention. Or, alternately, going to the convention and being in pain or going to the convention in a wheel chair and not getting to do the convention the way I like to do the convention.

There's GOT to be a silver lining here. There HAS to be a "Brighter Side". I'm just not looking hard enough. My glass is usually so half-full... now it seems to be pretty darned empty.


Apr. 2nd, 2009 06:44 am
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Posting about this on April 2nd so you know that, yes, it is real.

Sprained my ankle bad enough to make me consider not going to Emerald City Comic Con - which, if you follow my Blog at all you will know is THE event that I look forward to each and every year :(

I'm depressed and angry. Finally I have somebody to direct my anger towards - my stupid doctor. Called him to say "HEY! I'm in pain! I need some meds!" and he was *supposed* to call in a prescription for Ibuprofen, but as of 6:30 last night the pharmacy had still not heard from him (and they checked with all the other Rite Aid Pharmacies just to make sure it didn't go to the wrong one). After the rush-job he did on my diagnosis last night (20 minutes from check-in to sitting in the car, and that included more time getting my X-Ray done than it did seeing the actual doctor) I'm very ready to switch to a new doctor.
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Got an X-Ray, nothing broken... just a nasty sprain. A sprain bad enough to make the doctor suggest that i wear a "Boot" and use crutches for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

However, I think I'm done with this doctor. Time to find a new one. Didn't even OFFER any pain meds for me even though I'm in MUCHO DEL PAIN-O (as they say down South of the border).

Also, he really rushed the whole thing. Appointment started at 4:30, I was in the car and on my way home at 5.

So now I have to decide if The Convention is "doable" while I'm in a condition that makes it difficult for me to walk.
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I really, really, REALLY wish that this were an April Fools Day thing I was trying to pull on everybody, but it's not and it sucks. It's not Earth-Shattering or Catastrophic, it's just a major MAJOR major Bummer for me because it might mean that I can't go to ECCC this year :(

Yesterday afternoon we were having some pretty awesome kite-flying weather so i took Molly outside to fly a kite. While out there, I decided to take the Pallets that are sitting in our front yard and construct a fort out of them, as I had been planning to do for a few weeks now. I stacked and arranged them perfectly, now all I needed was a hammer and nails to secure it in place. But Molly was intent on playing in it NOW. Seeing as how precariously stacked wooden pallets could potentially be hazardous to her health, I pulled Molly away and told her that I would need to knock it down and maybe build it again when Mommy is around to make sure that we're safe.

I knocked down the little fort with ease; it's a good thing Molly hadn't been playing in there! Unfortunately, the Kite had somehow blown in to the wreckage and was wedged between two pallets. DOH! So I turned around to start picking up my pile of wood and retrieve our kite when...

I hit an uneven bit of our yard right next to where the concrete walkway is. My ankle bent one way, my foot went the other way, my knee went an entirely different way, I heard a loud SNAP from somewhere in my ankle area. I flipped up in the air and came crashing down on the concrete with my opposite knee.

I somehow was able to crawl the 15-foot distance from the walkway to our door and prop myself up in my chair while still maintaining a "Ha ha ha! Oopsy! Silly Daddy" attitude as to not freak out my kid. THE PAIN WAS INTENSE, and I think I may have passed out once or twice before Crsytal got home.

The ankle is swollen and I can't put any weight on it. The knee is in A LOT of pain. I didn't go to the hospital last night because I'm really hoping that I'm just a pussy and that it'll heal up on it's own before Friday night. I don't want to be The Guy at The Convention on Crutches! Worst case scenario, The Doctor will tell me to stay off of it for a week making me miss the convention entirely :(

ALL YEAR LONG I look forward to this convention! it's my ONE GREAT BIG "THING" that keeps me going! Every other thing that I kind of pass-up or can't afford or just can't justify getting... Video Games, new comics, new games, movies, DVD's... lots of little stuff I'd really like to have throughout the year. But i put them all aside just so I can justify spending $100 each year at the Emerald City Comic Con. It's my "Release".

The thought that I might not be able to go, or that I'll have to go on Crutches or in a wheel chair or something has me extremely depressed. You can't get in there and DIG for the good deals if you're in a cast and carrying crutches! And I love you all very much, but there isn't a single one among you that I would trust to go in there and find the deals for me.

So tonight I'm going to go to my Doctor and see what he says. Hopefully they've developed some sort of Wonder Pill that fixes this stuff immediately, right?


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