Mar. 13th, 2017

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I made it ten days into my self-imposed Facebook Lent before I had to go back and do some socializing for my upcoming show. Hey, ten days... not too shabby!
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I just transcribed a bit from the latest Dan Harmon podcast that was one of those tiny "Oh wow I hadn't thought about it that way before" moments that bubble up to the top in-between drunken silliness. It really made me step back a bit and think - really THINK - about what exactly would have to happen for us to feel *safe*. Short answer - Nothing. It can't happen. That's super-depressing, liberating and inspiring all at once...

btw, if you're a Rick & Morty fan, this is best read in the traditional "Drunken Rick Sanchez" voice...

I was just thinking about Chimpanzees and that we, as a species, like the species that we evolved from, that our schtick became ALARM, like, if, like... we *peaked*, we're like *so* satisfied, we have *no enemies*, we're like, the only thing we had to worry about was like leopards coming at us, we just became this species that's is like "We'll sit here, we'll eat, we'll fuck, we'll hang out, and then if anything fucks with us we'll go "AHH!", and then everyone will go and like run away, and now today we'll just like walk around with these devices in our phones and it's just like everything at alarms us is the thing that sells. It's bigger than The News, our stories are about "You're gonna DIE, how are you going to deal with that". Like we're addicted to - we're BEYOND addicted to, we're BUILT ON it, like we're just people who, like, we DON'T think that ANYTHING could POSSIBLY be "fine". And as a result? NOTHING IS EVER FINE. Like, there's alwasy shit to be worried about, which continues to feed itself; it's like a junkie saying "Well i only do Heroin when my life's going *really shitty". Yeah, guess what? That's gonna be Wednesday, it's gonna keep happening; you're putting yourself in that zone. But unlike with booze or heroin or anything, there's avsolutely not a single human being (or even carbon-based lifeform) that's not on this thing, so no one's ever going to call us on it. But that's what we're doing! We're sitting around, figuring out how to freak out, and we're never going to stop unless we actively decide that we have a problem and have like a 12-step meeting where we, like, "We love freaking out, we're always going to do it, we're always going to want to do it, let's go to the moon and, like, not freak out any more".


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