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It is generally accepted and agreed upon that THIS SHOW was "The Beginning Of The End" for Saturday Mornings. Up till this point the Parental Watchdog Groups, Marketing Executives and Overzealous Censors had only had an effect on NEW cartoons being produced... but at 8:00 Saturday morning in 1985 on ABC, a precedent was set that changed the entire dynamic of Saturday Morning Cartoons FOREVER.

After numerous years of volleying the Looney Tunes cartoons back and forth between CBS and ABC (resulting in a few seasons where there were Looney Tunes cartoons on both channels under different names), CBS finally backed out of the bidding and let ABC snatch up the exclusive network broadcast rights - but at a cost. Marketing, Censors and Watchdogs had just a few simple requests...

No Speedy Gonzales (because he was racist), and no Tweety Bird (because he was GAY).

Speedy was racist because he spoke with an accent, and Tweety was Gay because he spoke was pretty and spoke in a high voice.

Despite the ludicrous accusations, ABC went ahead and pulled the Speedy and Tweety cartoons that had been running for the past 15 years without question or hesitation. The Censors had their foothold - NOTHING was safe from this point forward.
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Power Puff Girls VS. Bugs Bunny

From the search term "Cartoon Character" today, the number 1 image from Yahoo is Bugs Bunny! The rascally rabbit who has dodged countless attempted murders over the years at the hands of red-necks, hunters, mad chefs, opera singers and Martians (to name but a few).

And from Google, the number 1 image of a Cartoon Character is The Power Puff Girls! Imbued with a vast spectrum of ill-defined powers, each one of them in and of themself would be a formidable adversary for any evil... but put them together and they're practically UNSTOPPABLE!

THE SCENARIO: Bugs Bunny is relaxing in his rabbit-hole home in the forest, reading a humorously-named book and eating a plate of carrots, breaking the fourth wall and making witty comments to the audience when SUDDENLY, THE POWER PUFF GIRLS break the serenity of the moment by throwing one of Mojo Jojo's giant robots in to the forest, collapsing part of Bugs' home! Bugs Bunny declares (to no one in particular) that "Of course you realize, this means WAR!"

The Power Puff Girls, being children and all, are easily lured in to the wild schemes of Bugs Bunny. They receive many exploding cigars, facial shotgun blasts, cranial anvil indentations and many other attacks that would prove fatal to anyone who is not nigh invulnerable, all while Bugs Bunny employs half a dozen different wacky costumes and scenarios.

Eventually, as with anyone who has ever come up against Bugs Bunny, The Power Puff Girls admit defeat when they discover that they just can't seem to lay a finger on Bugs. They rebuild his home for him at super-speed and enjoy and evening of watching TV and eating carrots with him.



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