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A few days in to my Alone Time, haven't had much time feel alone yet! Day 1 I went to the Goodwill Outlet (if you're reading this then you know what I'm talking about) and got a ton of awesome stuff while paling around with the "Regulars" - Suburban Asian Houswife, Retired Gym Coach Guy, Sweet Old Lady, Transgender Ebay Seller... we all had a great time!

(My Day 1 haul)


Day two (yesterday) my niece, Hannah, joined me and we were aparently the belles of the ball! We were approached by an elderly lady who just had to tell us that our antics made her so happy :)

(Antics at GWO)


During this time I have managed to watch the first three Puppet Master movies from Full Moon Entertainment and I'm loving them so far!


Today I am cooking (two days of fast food is quite enough thank you very much) and taking pictures of stuff for ebay.


Every night I read poetry to Crystal and Molly over the phone till they fall asleep, and every morning I start my day with making the bed, taking a shower and getting dressed. There's a very real danger in not doing these things, could start a downward spiral of sitting around in your dirty underwear all day feeling sorry for yourself.

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Made it to the YMCA today! almost a mile on the new fancy touchscreen

New machines at the YMCA!

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Okay... it's super-easy to post pics to LJ from the LJ app... but what I really wanted was an automatic cross-post option in Instagram. oh well, this will work :-)


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