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SATURDAY will be a day full of winning.

FROM 8AM TILL 10AM there is a free Pancake-n-Sausage breakfast at mcLendon Hardware down the street, which is fortuitous since Crystal needs to get some more pretty bricks to line that one section of her garden with.

Comic Book Ink in Tacoma opens at 10am. I could totally justify making a trip all the way down there and back, right?

The Comic Stop in Lynnwood doesn't open till 11am on Free Comic Book Day because they are human. So even if Comic Book Ink doesn't give me ALL the comics i want, I can always head to The Comic Stop to fill in the holes right?

Then I head back home for a night of Dungeons & Dragons & FUN.


The only part of my plan that I'm not so sure about is the trip to Tacoma. Comic Book Ink is a kind of attainable mini-dream that I can continue to strive towards, and it's kind of a waste of gas just to get some free comics and posters that could be easily acquired not more than 10 minutes from my house. But Dammit, The Comic Stop has NOTHING SPECIAL GOING ON!!! Just "Come in, get comics, leave". No sales, no creator signings, no people in costume... it almost seems like they're treating it as a nuisance instead of an excellent opportunity to have an event at their store.

So plan #2 would be...

McLendon's for Pancake-N-Sausage-N-Bricks.

Over to The Comic Book Store in KENMORE that always has a "All back issues $1" sale on Free Comic Book Day.

Over to Toys R Us for the "Star Trek Figures 2 for $10" sale (which i will be able to justify because I didn't spend all the gas money on a trip to Tacoma).

Garage Sales till 11am.

Comic Stop at 11am, home by Noon.

Yeah, that sounds about right...


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