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Mar. 27th, 2017 12:17 pm
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Rescued these VHS tapes from a one-way trip to the Recycling Bin last night - some guy finally gave up on his 64 tapes full of (mostly) Grand Prix, Indy 500 and CART Races from 1989 to 1994. Last night, he just got tired of asking his friends, weekend after weekend, "Hey, you fellers wanna come over and watch 512 hours of Races on VHS from the early 90's?" and never getting a reply :(

Yes it's mostly racing stuff, but there's also a few tapes of what appears to be random stuff. Other than racing, he aparently also enjoyed Star Trek The Next Generation, Cops, and the occasional "Edited For Television" movie. THOSE are the tapes I'm really looking forward to :)

A home-recorded video tape is a wonderful little pop-culture mix tape you made and sent to your future self without even knowing it :) Unlike The Internet which you can get distracted from and click away from and rely on the YouTube Auto Play to give you more videos like it from now until forever, a VHS tape is finite. At the very most, it's 8 hours of your life, but more likely it's like an hour or two at the most. Watching a tape that somebody else recorded feels slightly voyeuristic, like reading a Diary that you found at a used bookstore.

I don't think you can get that from a DVD or a digital download...
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