Jan. 10th, 2017

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Tonight is the night we plan on gathering all our information for the big Disneyland trip at the end of the month, make sure we haven't missed anything. Finalize all our decisions and/or reservations, make sure we have tickets, all that jazz.

We plan on trying NEW FOOD this year, or at least stuff we've never had, which the Wonderful World Of Food series of videos has really helped out with. There's some INCREDIBLE looking foods out there beyond the Pizza Port and Plaza Inn (our standard go-to dining places) that we're excited to try out! I'm especially excited to try the Monte Cristo sandwich ;)

Hope i can figure out the best/easiest way to share pictures on Dreamwidth before we go... there's got to be a way to hotlink Instagram or Google Photo images, right?
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Just checking a few different image sharing options, feel free to disregard...

From the DW "Insert Image" bit...

Just plain link...

Embed code from Instagram...

Molly has a new favorite store at #alderwoodmall #lolliandpops #candy #addict

A photo posted by Brian Pierce (@captainslinky) on

LOL Instagram gives it everything EXCEPT THE IMAGE!

Instagram embed code without the caption...

postimg.com... 20151203_110549
pic upload

Gee it would be nice if the connection between DW and Google played nice...
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image sharing

Yup! PostImg.org is the way to go for posting images to Dreamwidth (as far as i can tell). Need to see if they have an app so i can just do this direct...


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