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I think we need to add another Holiday to The Holidays, much in the same way we have "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday", "Boxing Day", and the likes. Need to have "The Seven Days of Craigslist". Starting on the Saturday after Christmas when everyone has the same thought:

"Gee my new (TV, Game System, Couch, etc) that I got for Christmas is great, but what to do with the old one? I know, I'll try to sell it on CRAIGSLIST! Let's see now... I paid $1000 for this item some ten years ago when it was brand new, so I should easily get $950 for it now!"

...Then the MAGIC of The Seven Days of Craigslist begin as reality sets in, expectations are lowered and the prices keep falling and falling on all those ads - like shooting stars, or a meteor shower - until finally, on the 7th Day Of Craigslist, the item land in the "Free" section!

It's a beautiful miracle that we can all enjoy regardless of race, creed or religion - and it ends with MORE PRESENTS!
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Looking for a fun Christmas event for your little ones this Holiday Season? Then look no further than the Snoqualmie Indian Casino! Drag your children through a magical wonderland of gambling smokers, alcoholics and other assorted folks who think a Casino is a great place to bring your kids! Enjoy the antics of Frosty, Rudolph, The Grinch, Ms(?!) Claus and, I dunno, whatever else we can scrounge up. Be sure to come early so your kids can also experience the magic of The Chippendales Dancers 2014 Forever Sexy World Tour, then for all you late-night toddlers we also have Jenny McCarthy's "Dirty Sexy Funny" Tour! Buy your tickets NOW!

(Seriously, who at the Casino said "Yeah, let's bring in a bunch of kids"? The Casino is supposed to be a REFUGE from stuff like this for folks who don't like kids!)
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Wow! It's hard to describe the incredibly warm-n-fuzz feeling I am getting from The Complete 1979 Sears Wishbook scans on Flickr! I'm reading it the way I always did when I was growing up, starting at the back cover and working my way back till I start hitting the non-toys. This is the EXACT Sears Wishbook that was my FIRST Sears Wishbook back in the day! I was only 6 at the time, but I remember it vividly.

SO WARM AND FUZZY!!! I wonder if there will be a similar type of Wishbook for Molly when she turns six?


Jan. 4th, 2006 02:13 pm
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Received for Xmas from P&C: The Disney Treasures. This is a huge book that goes way beyond being a book and becomes more of an EXPERIENCE than anything else. It's a history lesson on everything Walt was involved in, which would have made for a great book in and of itself... BUT THERE'S MORE! It's like a book-version of perrenial funnyman Carrot-Top, this book comes with PROPS! "Walt went to Kansas City to try and sell the new Mickey Mouse cartoon to theaters, and he wrote a letter to his wife while staying in the hotel there. HERE'S AN EXACT COPY OF THAT LETTER IN AN ENVELOPE SO YOU CAN FEEL WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO GET THE GREAT NEWS ABOUT THEATER OWNERS LOVING STEAMBOAT WILLIE!!!"

Nearly every page has exact, perfect, life-size replicas of everything from persnl letters to promotional items to cafeteria menus. IT'S INSANE!

This book is definately knocking something off my list of Top 5 Christmas Gifts I Ever Received In All Of Forever, but which one???


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