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I just transcribed a bit from the latest Dan Harmon podcast that was one of those tiny "Oh wow I hadn't thought about it that way before" moments that bubble up to the top in-between drunken silliness. It really made me step back a bit and think - really THINK - about what exactly would have to happen for us to feel *safe*. Short answer - Nothing. It can't happen. That's super-depressing, liberating and inspiring all at once...

btw, if you're a Rick & Morty fan, this is best read in the traditional "Drunken Rick Sanchez" voice...

I was just thinking about Chimpanzees and that we, as a species, like the species that we evolved from, that our schtick became ALARM, like, if, like... we *peaked*, we're like *so* satisfied, we have *no enemies*, we're like, the only thing we had to worry about was like leopards coming at us, we just became this species that's is like "We'll sit here, we'll eat, we'll fuck, we'll hang out, and then if anything fucks with us we'll go "AHH!", and then everyone will go and like run away, and now today we'll just like walk around with these devices in our phones and it's just like everything at alarms us is the thing that sells. It's bigger than The News, our stories are about "You're gonna DIE, how are you going to deal with that". Like we're addicted to - we're BEYOND addicted to, we're BUILT ON it, like we're just people who, like, we DON'T think that ANYTHING could POSSIBLY be "fine". And as a result? NOTHING IS EVER FINE. Like, there's alwasy shit to be worried about, which continues to feed itself; it's like a junkie saying "Well i only do Heroin when my life's going *really shitty". Yeah, guess what? That's gonna be Wednesday, it's gonna keep happening; you're putting yourself in that zone. But unlike with booze or heroin or anything, there's avsolutely not a single human being (or even carbon-based lifeform) that's not on this thing, so no one's ever going to call us on it. But that's what we're doing! We're sitting around, figuring out how to freak out, and we're never going to stop unless we actively decide that we have a problem and have like a 12-step meeting where we, like, "We love freaking out, we're always going to do it, we're always going to want to do it, let's go to the moon and, like, not freak out any more".
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I made it ten days into my self-imposed Facebook Lent before I had to go back and do some socializing for my upcoming show. Hey, ten days... not too shabby!
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I've got ten days. I have... Ten lamps? Ten lamps ready to go, with only two of them being all new. I have nothing - NOTHING! Sorted or priced for selling toys. I don't have a dependable laptop to play videos on.

And I'm in the front-end of being sick again :(
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I think I might bring a laptop to Galaxaar and play one of the 1980's Saturday Morning videos on it... maybe. My booth is actually smaller than I thought it was going to be - 8'x8', which is their "medium" size but is actually the most common, with an 8-foot table and an actual BOOTH around it, like a professional thingee! My own little cubicle!

But the more I think about it, the more I think that there will definitely NOT be room for a laptop of cartoons. I need room for my lamps AND for the various loose toys I am bringing (since this *is* primarily a Toys & Video Games show). I have a good mix of 80's video game cartoons, though... Hmmmm...

If I put my lamps in the back, on the shelves (like I usually like to do anyways), put the wire rack shelves on the left and right of my table, a few lamps towards the middle of the table and then the laptop at the very center... yeah.

Yeah, i think i can do this!

And anyone who wants a copy of the video I'm showing, I'll tell them to just bring me a thumb drive and I'll copy it over for them!

The video I'm using is SO VERY GREY MARKET, I don't think it breaks any copyright laws - it's a direct copy of a VHS tape of an actual broadcast from the 80's, after all... you can even find them on YouTube occasionally (and you KNOW how strict THEY are with Copyright)!

This is just going to be a little "Test The Waters" action here, see if there's still interest in a SMRPS out there - I don't even have a landing spot for people any more, no online presence to point them at! I won't go near LJ any more, I have a somewhat defunct Twitter and Tumblr account for the society, but those don't really lend themselves to social interaction as well as I would like.

I'm off Facebook till April 14th when Lent is over, but that was for *personal* Facebooking... could I create and interact with a Facebook Community while maintaining the integrity of my Lent Challenge?

...Or maybe just try and import all the information from the old LJ account over here to Dreamwidth...
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Dungeons & Dragons adventuring party consisting of one Paladin and 5 Bards. Drum, Lute, Bass, Fiddle and Flute. Every battle starts with the band getting set up to provide the perfect soundtrack to an ass-kicking, which is just so many buffs...

EDIT: I can't find an instance of any adventuring party actually doing this, and it has me stoked! The Paladin will need a few ranks in Performance, Bluff, maybe some acrobatics...

Maybe they should focus on a Rogue of some sort instead? A nice Swashbuckler, perhaps? But I really like the idea of the "Shining Knight", a Peter Perfect sort of guy, just dazzling the opposition with his stunning good looks and personal soundtrack :)
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The next show i will be selling stuff at is a little first-year convention in Issaquah called GALAXAAR. It looks like a very dedicated and determined 80's-themed Toy, Game & Collectible show. The guy running it is super-likeable and charismatic (in a GOOD way, not a smarmy way), and you can read all about his and his passion HERE.

One of the main attractions, for *me*, to vend at this show is to see if this might be the right type of show for us to do a live 1980's Saturday Morning Historical Preservation Society event! It really seems like it would fit in nicely :)
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I gave up Facebook for Lent this year. Not that I'm religious or anything; I believe in God as much as I believe in Santa Clause (whom I believe in a great deal more than the average person, trust me), but Lent is kind of fun! It's like a trial version of a New Years Resolution; try it for forty days and if you're not satisfied pay nothing :)

There are certain "cheats" to this, though.

Since my Instagram and Facebook are tied together, I'll still be posting pictures to Facebook; I just won't be replying to any comments there till lent is over.

Since Facebook messenger has completely integrated itself into my phone, I'll still be using that as my primary way of sending and receiving PM's.

And lastly, I'll still post to my Captain Slinky's Weird Lamps Facebook Page for the purposes of promoting upcoming shows and events.
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I was interviewed by The Seattle Times yesterday regarding the Emerald City Comic Con, and I don't think they're going to use any of it.

They called because I was mentioned in an article from 5 years ago as having said that I had attended every ECCC since the very first one, and they wanted to get some great quotes from a life-long fan old-timer in praise of this great event...

...And instead I went all Grumpy Old Man on them. They were shocked to hear that this was the first year I would not be attending, and to hear all my reasoning behind it. Too crowded, too long, too different from the original concept of the convention, too corporate, not local any more, too expensive, weird guests that have nothing to do with comics...

The interview concluded with the reporter thanking me for my time, telling me she likely couldn't use any of what I said for her article (it's supposed to be a feel-good promotion of a local event, not a bold condemnation of a corporate sell-out), and asked if I knew anyone else who had attended every year like I did that maybe she could talk to?

Nope... I don't :(
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The weight of the world is off my shoulders! I have a working computer (thank you very much), I have no commitment to do Emerald City Comic Con this year (best decision I've made all year), I've started watching Sword Art Online (such a wonderful Anime)... I think I want to start playing an MMO!

Each of these things contributed to my desire for a MMO. I have the ability, I have the time, I have the motivation of a great Anime about an MMO... time to do some on-line gaming!

Unfortunately, I have no idea which one I should do :(

I want one that isn't all about battle and fighting and killing. I want it in a Fantasy setting (as opposed to Sci-Fi or Modern). But most of all, I want it to be breathtakingly *beautiful* and *simple*.

I played a game a few years ago, pretty religiously, called "Battlefield Heroes". The premise was a cartoony, GI Joe-like combat between distinctly "Good" and "Bad" guys. But the thing was that the scenery, usually based on WWII European countrysides, was so gorgeous I would often leave the "battle" just to go roaming around to see the sights. Simple point-and-click, 10-slot inventory, basic skill tree, lots of customization... it was so good!

I poked around steam a bit today, looking for free-to-play MMO's and was appalled at how dark and gritty everything is. I even checked out the old Everquest game and it looks terrible!

So... any suggestions?
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yeah, I'm still on about this, mainly because <a href=">The Rose City Comic Con in Oregon just sold out to a New York corporation that is expanding the show to three days</a>. When I decided to not go to Emerald City Comic Con this year, friends unanimously suggested that I do the Rose City show instead because it was just a nice little comic book convention like the ones I used to enjoy, two days long. Fun! I used to be able to do 5 to 7 conventions per year, driving everywhere from Bellingham to Olympia for single-day events that cost just $2 and a donation of canned food to get into. I really miss those days, in a very "Get Off My Lawn" way :(
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I'm not going to the Emerald City Comic Con this year.

This is *huge* for me. I've been to every ECCC since the very first one back in 2003, where we were the first people in line. For the first ten years, I was always within the first ten people through those doors.

This year, it just sounds like a huge pain. I blame the addition of aging heavy metal rocker Alice Cooper to the guest list. It just makes this convention feel like one of those desperate conventions they used to try and throw in Detroit back in the 90's, where they just tossed giant wads of B-string and C-String celebrity names at the flyer and hoped it would bring in massive crowds.
  • "The guy that played Boomer on the 70's version of Battlestar Galactica!
  • Professional Wrestler Michael "Virgil" Jones!
  • Peter Criss of KISS!
  • Three of the kids from Nightmare On Elmstreet 3: The Dream Warriors!
  • The guy who played "Lobot" in Empire Strikes Back!
  • Horror SPFX master Tom Savini!
  • That lady who was on 3 episodes of Doctor Whpo back in the 1960's!
  • The guy who played Eddie Haskel on Leave It To Beaver!
  • Local Monster Movie host THE GROOVY GHOUL!
  • ...AND MORE!!!

These types of conventions are a lot of fun when done in a Hotel somewhere for two days, tickets that cost $25 for the entire weekend and hotel rooms that are $30 a night at the most... but at a cost of $40 *per day*, with the closest hotels being a block away and starting at $150 a night with no parking (another $30 per day)?

I just can't do it any more :(

Luckily, we have quite a few smaller, awesomer conventions in our area that are more my speed. A nice trip down to Oregon for the Rose City Comiccon would be nice... a 40 minute drive to Tacoma for Jet City Comic Con, why not? And of course Seattle has GEEK GIRL CON, which i have been wanting to attend since the very beginning but ECCC has made it financially unviable...

And GAMING CONVENTIONS! Oh how I look forward to something like OraCon up in Everett, or NorWesCon, or Rustycon, or Foolscap, or... SO MANY CONVENTIONS!!!
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As was stated on other social media:
List 10 albums that made a lasting impression on you as a TEENAGER, but only one per band/artist. Don't take too long and don't think too long. Repost.

Okay, fine... but be warned! My Teen years were NOT full of what one might consider to be "Popular Music"! My desire to listen to things that others were listening to didn't blossom till I was around 19 :/

  • Weird Al Yankovic - "In 3-D"
  • Doctor Demento's Craziest Novelty Songs Of All Time - "Vol. 1"
  • Abba - "Greatest Hits" (on 8-Track, no less!)
  • Disneyland Records - "Walt Disney's greatest Songs"
  • C.W. McCall - "Greatest Hits"
  • Monty Python - "Instant Record Collection"
  • Quiet Riot - "Metal Health"
  • Kiss - "Dynasty"
  • They Might Be Giants - "Lincoln"
  • Men Without Hats - "Pop Goes the World"

THAT was my playlist from, like, '86 till '91. After that it got all Ministry, Bowie, Butthole Surfers, Green Day, and other such popular 90's stuffs :)
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Well I *was* going to post something else, but c'mon... the thirteenth post of the year is on the thirteenth day of the year, and I started typing this at 1pm local time - or should i say 13:00 HOURS MILITARY TIME!!!

So here's another Friday The 13th Post.

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Look out! It's Friday the 13th! Jason's gonna getcha!

Ch-ch-ch-ch, Ah-ah-ah-ah...
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Earlier today it struck and confounded me that we have no gender-neutral term for "Fanboy"/"Fangirl" in the English language. The Japanese have the word "Otaku" which means "a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills" which is just *perfect*, but c'mon... this is 'MURIKA! We can do better than that!

"Geek", "Nerd", "Dork"... none of those really fit a Fanboy (or Fangirl) as it is completely easy to be any one of those things without any true connection to a fandom. Somebody suggested jut the root term of "Fan", but that doesn't work either; I watch The Flash on TV every week and own a T-Shirt because I'm a FAN, but a FANBOY/FANGIRL catalogs the continuity errors on the show and flies across the country to a convention so they can confront actor Grant Gustin with this information and demand an explanation.

Certain off-the-wall words were suggested, such as "Zealot", "Acolyte" and "Thrall", but those are too *fancy*. I'm looking for something more contemporary, something that's pretty common and slips in just fine with current vocabulary.

Eventually, we found the correct term; "Enthusiast". It has just enough of a creep-factor to it to impart that you are a step beyond the common fan, sitting on the razor-thin line between "Obsessive/Compulsive" and "Stalker". It has just the right amount of gravitas to bring it in step with the gender-specific roles of Fanboy and Fangirl :)
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So it looks like my old High School compatriot and adulthood friend, Tina, will be joining us at Disneyland! Since our room has a fold-out sofa bed, why not? It will be interesting to see how this works out... will it strengthen our friendships, or sever them irreparably? Cohabitation, even for just a few days, can strain even the strongest of bonds...

SO! The stuff we need to take care of in the next two weeks (TWO WEEKS?!?!?) include:
  • Book our ride on the Super Shuttle from the Airport to the Hotel (and back)
  • Plan our first night dinner (oh PLEASE don't let us get suckered into dining at Captain Kidd's Buffet)
  • Plan our outfits (four days = five shirts, two kinds of pants, lots of socks and underwear, one hoodie each)
  • Get our Trading Pin Lanyards in order (100 new pins for us to take WOO!)
  • Make a vest for Molly (she got a tablet with a data plan on it for Christmas, as a forerunner to her getting a phone some day soon. She needs an easy way to carry it around that isn't a bag that she could leave sitting somewhere, I propose a vest with a large interior pocket)
  • Get tickets to Disneyland (still waiting to hear back from the person who was going to get these for us, so FINGERS CROSSED that all is okay there!)
  • Get packed (this is all up to Crystal, she's awesome at knowing exactly what we need)
  • Fill in Autograph Books and prep the new one (print out pictures, make sure we have a good sharpie)
  • Load Molly's tablet with Comic Books (I'd rather have her reading comics than playing games)
  • Assemble The Accessories (Choose which ears we're taking, gather our glow stuff, make sure there are batteries in the Bubble Gun, bring our multi-charger, extra phone batteries, lots of USB cables, Mio Energy Drink, pennies & quarters, autograph books)
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image sharing

Yup! is the way to go for posting images to Dreamwidth (as far as i can tell). Need to see if they have an app so i can just do this direct...
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Just checking a few different image sharing options, feel free to disregard...

From the DW "Insert Image" bit...

Just plain link...

Embed code from Instagram...

Molly has a new favorite store at #alderwoodmall #lolliandpops #candy #addict

A photo posted by Brian Pierce (@captainslinky) on

LOL Instagram gives it everything EXCEPT THE IMAGE!

Instagram embed code without the caption... 20151203_110549
pic upload

Gee it would be nice if the connection between DW and Google played nice...
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Tonight is the night we plan on gathering all our information for the big Disneyland trip at the end of the month, make sure we haven't missed anything. Finalize all our decisions and/or reservations, make sure we have tickets, all that jazz.

We plan on trying NEW FOOD this year, or at least stuff we've never had, which the Wonderful World Of Food series of videos has really helped out with. There's some INCREDIBLE looking foods out there beyond the Pizza Port and Plaza Inn (our standard go-to dining places) that we're excited to try out! I'm especially excited to try the Monte Cristo sandwich ;)

Hope i can figure out the best/easiest way to share pictures on Dreamwidth before we go... there's got to be a way to hotlink Instagram or Google Photo images, right?
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Ends up you can't force Dreamwidth to automatically cross-post to Facebook, no matter how hard you try. Bummer, but not a deal breaker for me ;)

Also, it was pointed out to me that the Free Account here on Dreamwidth only gives you 1000 tags. "Only". But hey, if you've been blogging for a couple of years, those tags really pile up on ya i guess!

Would also love to find a way to import images from instagram, but I doubt that one is going to happen, either :(


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